Featured Security Seals

Overview:  Seals Online offers a range of tried and tested products that are especially trusted by South African businesses. In a country where pilfering and theft is on the rise, these featured Security Seals are known to provide effective security measures against tampering and theft when used in conjunction with best practice security solutions

Applications: trucks, logistics, refineries, cargo, utilities, water meters, electricity meters, rail freight, refineries, and gas meters

Sealing Wire


  • Spirally lashed wire, ID 0.6mm, OD 0.3mm
  • Used with clip seals
  • For: Trucks, Logistics, Refineries, Cargo
  • Manufactured from galvanised Steel
  • Can be precut for your convenience
  • Removed using cutters
  • Easy to apply
  • Units: per roll of 500m

Dominator Seals


  • comprised of a metal lockbox which is encapsulated in polypropylene cover
  • Has a flat, plastic print area for barcoding and serial numbers
  • Requires a strong break force averaging around 50kg
  • Must be removed by cutting
  • capable of custom laser marking for company logos or the customer’s name
  • laser marked with sequential numbering
  • High-security seal compliant to ISO 17712 and ISO 9001:2008
  • Sold as units per box: 1000

TruSeal TH Security Seals


  • Smooth ribbon, pulltight seal
  • serial numbered for tracking purposes
  • Strap Work length 190mm, width 7mm x thickness 2.75mm
  • Strong break force, requires a cutting tool to break, averaging around 55kg
  • Manufactured from biodegradable polypropylene and has steel insert reinforcement with heat staking technology provides clear evidence of tampering when breached

Cable Seals 029 31cm, White, Serial Numbered, Barcoded NPC:


  • A pulltight seal
  • serial numbered for tracking purposes
  • The print area allows for 6 and 7 digit 128 barcodes
  • cable work length of 290mm with a thickness of 1.8mm
  • has a strong break force averaging around 100kg
  • removed with Knipex cutters
  • manufactured with NPC stainless steel cable and zinc extrusion encased in ABS plastic.
  • Sold as 500 units per box
  • High-security seal compliant to ISO 17712 and ISO 9001:2008 standards

TruSeal Padlock Security Seals


  • Wire Fixed Length Seal
  • Serial numbered for tracking purposes
  • Scored Wire has a thickness of 1.2mm
  • Medium break force, breached by a strong hand against the scored wire or cutting
  • Body is manufactured from polypropylene and the wire hasp from galvanized steel