All Security Seals

Overview: Seals Online is a South African owned, virtual store that sells high quality security seals. We our source the stock directly from our factory in South Africa or it is imported from our reputable international partners. Our Seals Online Security Seals are manufactured from high-grade, biodegradable plastics and from metals according to strict ISO17712 international standards. Seals Online tracks state-of-the-art technological advances in the security seals industries to ensure the up-to-date international security standards.

We monitor stock levels and adapt our manufacturing process to accommodate our client’s specific requirements, thereby adhering to fast turnaround times. We deliver quickly to anywhere in the country and we have the capability to deliver internationally as our products meet US and UK customs standards. We guarantee top notch quality, service and a streamlined delivery process.

Applications: These include Airlines, cargo, laboratories, trucks, mining, utilities, banks, retailers, cash-in-transit, logistics and transportation companies, rail, sea & freight containers, storage units, cash bags, post bags, refineries, water and utility meters, casino gaming tables, ATM cassettes

Security Seals Product Range

Our Seals Online Security Seal range includes: Bolt Seals, Cable Seals, Plastic Indicative Seals, Padlock Seals, Pitbull Seals and Wire Seals. Many of our seals can be customised, making it possible to brand them with a logo or writing. Many of our products are manufactured in a range of colours. Most of the seals have laser inscribed serial numbers and barcodes. When these are used in conjunction with other security measures such as track and trace; staff accountability procedures; proper application and removal; check, inspect and recording methods, it becomes possible to identify when, where and by whom the product was last handled.

Seals Online offers a range of plastic and metal indicative security seals, which act as a powerful deterrent against theft and will reveal any evidence of any tampering and also a range of tamper-proof barrier seals which acts as physical barrier to prevent the loss or contamination of valuable cargo.