Trailer Door Security Seals

Trailer Door Security Seals

If you are moving goods over long distances via a utility trailer and would like added security, then look no further than Seals Online. We are the leading supplier in security seals. We supply most of South Africa’s largest brands and help them in transporting their money and products to reach their destinations safely. Fidelity, Nedbank, Pick ‘n’ Pay, Spar and Standard Bank are just some of our many clients that depend on the certified high security solutions we offer. We have a large range of trailer door security seals that suit any budget or purpose.

The TruSeal 203 Bolt Seals have a high security rating and are tested independently. They are constructed from a high strength steel pin with a locking bush in a plastic case. These are barcoded for added security. The seals are simple to lock and require bolt cutters to remove. It is easy to spot if the seal has been tampered with because there is no other way to properly remove the seal. The seals are also catalogued with barcodes. The 203 Bolt Seals are mostly used in securing trucks and shipping containers, which make them perfect as trailer door security seals.

For a high security seal solution choose the 045 Cable Seal. The 045 Cable Seal is a zinc extrusion with an NPC stainless steel cable and an ABS plastic case. It has a large surface area and can be branded with an interleaved 2 of 5 14 digit barcode. Their primary uses are cash boxes, cash-in-transit and freight and shipping containers. They are easy locking, durable and require bolt cutters to remove. With the correct security checks and the inclusion of barcodes you can prevent tampering with the seals.

The 029 Cable Seal offers much of the same security, but is more suited for those looking for a cost-effective security solution. These seals are constructed from a zinc extrusion with an NPC stainless steel cable and an ABS plastic case. They are ISO 9001:2008 registered with a high security rating and are laser marked with 6 and 7 digit barcodes. They are extremely durable and are the perfect solution for your trailer door security seal needs.

Thousands of clients all over the world use our seals. With large clients like Standard Bank, Fidelity, G4S and SBV, we make sure that we understand every aspect of our client’s business and work alongside them to suit all their needs with our high quality products. Any questions you have can be answered by our professional support staff.

To get in touch with you can phone us or go to the contact form. We are excited to work alongside you and get to understand your business in order to find the best security solution for you.