The Requirements for High-Security Seals

the requirements for high security seals for cargo containers

ISO PAS 17712 is a global standard that outlines the requirements for high-security seals that are utilised in the shipment of goods. It sets out rigorous standards for the design, testing, and performance of these seals, which are critical to ensuring that cargo is protected from theft, tampering, and other forms of unauthorised access during transit.

The main purpose of ISO PAS 17712 is to establish a uniform standard that can be used by governments, manufacturers, and shippers around the world. It provides a benchmark for testing the strength and tamper-evident features of high-security seals, and it ensures that all seals that meet its criteria are identified with a specific “H” marking. This marking serves as proof that the seals have undergone third-party testing and have passed stringent security checks.

The requirements for high-security seals include that the seals undergo physical testing to determine their strength, durability, and resistance to tampering. This testing is carried out by independent third-party laboratories that are authorized to conduct ISO PAS 17712 certification. Tests involve subjecting the seals to various forms of physical attack, including cutting, bending, and pulling, to evaluate their resilience to tampering.

Seals that pass the certification process are considered high-security seals, which means that they meet the rigorous standards set forth by ISO PAS 17712. These seals are designed to provide a high level of protection against unauthorised access, and they are widely used in the shipping industry to secure cargo containers and trailers.

Businesses that use high-security seals that meet ISO PAS 17712 standards can be confident that their cargo is protected from theft, tampering, and other unauthorised access. This is critical for businesses that rely on shipping to transport valuable goods, as it helps to reduce the risk of loss and damage to their reputation.

Furthermore, certain countries have regulations that require shippers to use high-security seals that meet ISO PAS 17712 standards for shipments of certain types of goods. For example, the United States requires high-security seals for all shipments of goods that enter the country, regardless of their point of origin.

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