Tamper Evident Void Labels

tamper evident label on TV box

Are the contents of your packaged goods too easily accessible? As someone who has spent a lot of time working with products  and packaging, I can tell you that tamper evident void labels are an incredibly useful tool to deter would be thieves. These labels are designed to leave a clear “void” pattern on the surface they are applied to when they are torn off, indicating that the label has been tampered with or removed entirely. Void labels are particularly important for industries that deal with high-value products or sensitive information. For example, pharmaceutical companies use void labels on their products to ensure that no one has tampered with them and potentially compromised the safety or efficacy of the medication. Security labels are also commonly used on electronic devices to prevent unauthorised access to internal components.

One of the reasons that void labels are so effective is that they are difficult to replicate or remove without leaving evidence. When a void label is removed, it leaves behind a clear, permanent mark that is nearly impossible to remove or conceal. This makes it easy to detect when someone has tried to remove or replace the label. Tamper evident void labels are also designed to be difficult to duplicate. They often feature a unique pattern or design that is difficult to replicate using standard printing techniques. This makes it much harder for someone to create a fake label that can be used to cover up evidence of tampering or theft.

Another benefit of void labels is that they are versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. They can be printed with custom text, logos, or graphics, allowing them to be used for branding or promotional purposes. They can also be used to track inventory or provide important safety information to consumers.

Overall, tamper evident void labels are an incredibly useful tool for preventing tampering and theft in a wide range of industries. Whether you are dealing with high-value products, sensitive information, or simply need a way to ensure that your products are not being tampered with, void labels are an excellent option to consider.

SealsOnline Void Labels contain a high-tack adhesive that is virtually none transferrable once applied to a surface. The labels are made from polyester face material, and contains a covert message of “VOID OPEN”, that becomes obvious as soon as the label has been tampered with. These security labels are sized at 25x75mm, manufactured in red to quickly draw attention to signs of manipulation and are serially numbered to add an extra layer of security.