Tamper Evident Security Seals: Your assets are your livelihood

tamper-evident security seals

Why choose tamper evident security seals? The simple answer is that there is the potential for your products to get stolen.

When running a business you should be well aware that the largest risk is the loss of products. The larger the business the higher the risk of losing goods. When moving a large amount of stock, you suffer the likelihood that some of that stock will go missing. As with businesses, much of the same can apply to you as an individual. When moving your various possessions around, it is important that all the correct security measures are taken. Following the proper procedures such as general checks and monitoring with security cameras can help to prevent the loss of goods through theft, etc., but they are not foolproof and can easily be sidelined by the seasoned criminal.

The hardest thefts to properly monitor are done over time in small quantities. These smaller quantities generally go unnoticed in a larger business.

We have the solution for you. With Tamper Evident Security Seals you can add an extra layer of security to your goods.


Tamper Evident Security Seals provide many prevention solutions. These seals make the covert opening of a parcel very hard and acts as a deterrent for the potential criminals. This decreases the likelihood of theft by a large amount.

When you follow proper security protocol and also add in regular security checks, it makes it even less likely for potential criminals to carry out a successful theft.
Taking these steps of prevention ensures that your goods stay safe and give you peace of mind.

Tamper evident security seals when broken

Our Tamper Evident Security Seals are manufactured to the highest security standards. We make sure that we are always up to date with the newest technology. The HL036 Tamper Evident Security Seal is a polypropylene strap designed for single use and is manufactured with a durable steel insert that has been heat-staked together. This ensures that it is highly durable for extra security.

Once the seal has been broken there is no way to replace it. These Tamper Evident Security Seals are branded with a barcode and contain serial numbers. If you carry out the correct security protocol, you can easily detect theft and gather evidence.

Carrying out the correct security protocol and having your goods scanned at the various checkpoints makes identifying the time of theft easier as well as identifying the potential suspects.

Minimising the Risk

If you want the best security for your business and all your goods, then rely on us to cover your every security need. Our use of the latest technology and highest security standards in manufacturing our products ensures that we minimise you and your business’ security risks as much as possible.

Choosing the correct Tamper Evident Security Seal is important for the safety of you and your business. Contact one of our professional consultants to help you find the perfect security solution.