Safe Custody Tamper Evident Bags Safeguards Valuables

Safe Custody Tamper Evident Bags Safeguards Valuables

Safe Custody Tamper Evident Bags (TE) – have emerged as a critical solution for industries where audited storage or movement of valuable items is paramount.

Designed to offer an unparalleled level of security, these bags are used by Cash in Transit companies, Banking & Financial institutions, Security & Forensics agencies, Mining of Precious Metals, Post Offices, Universities, Schools, and Government Departments. With a precision applied three-entity closure system, any form of tampering, whether from cold, heat, solvents, liquids, or physical manipulation, is prominently displayed. In this article, we will explore the features, applications, and benefits of Safe Custody TE Bags, highlighting their contribution to maintaining the security and integrity of valuable assets.


Features of Safe Custody TE Bags

  • Three-Entity Closure System: Safe Custody TE Bags employ a precision-applied closure system involving three entities – a liner, a membrane, and glue – sealed onto the bag by a specialised bag-making machine. This complex closure mechanism ensures that any tampering attempts are immediately evident, providing a strong deterrent against unauthorised access.
  • High-Strength Virgin Polyethylene: The bags are manufactured using high-strength 2- or 3-layer top-quality virgin opaque or clear Polyethylene materials. This robust construction enhances the bag’s resistance to physical damage, providing added protection to the contents during transit and storage.
  • Sequential Numbering or Barcode: Each Safe Custody TE Bag is equipped with a unique sequential number or barcode, enabling individual identification and traceability. Clients can also request an alpha prefix and starting number, further customising the bag for their specific needs.
  • Security Edge Print and Scissor Cut Line: Security edge print on the side seal serves as an additional security feature, ensuring that any attempt to tamper with the bag is easily identifiable. Furthermore, a scissor cut line indicates the precise location for opening the bag, simplifying the process for authorised personnel.


Applications of Safe Custody TE Bags – Tamper Evident

  • Cash in Transit (CIT) Companies: CIT companies rely on Safe Custody TE Bags to securely transport large sums of cash and valuable assets between locations. The tamper-evident feature offers assurance that the contents have not been compromised during transit.
  • Banking and Financial Institutions: Banking and financial organisations use these bags to securely store and transfer sensitive documents, valuable items, or evidence. The tamper-evident closure ensures the integrity of the contents.
  • Security and Forensics Agencies: In security and forensics, maintaining the chain of custody for evidence is critical. Safe Custody TE Bags provide a reliable method to seal and track evidence, preventing tampering and ensuring admissibility in legal proceedings.
  • Mining of Precious Metals: The mining industry utilizes Safe Custody TE Bags to protect and transport precious metals, such as gold or silver, from mining sites to refining facilities. The tamper-evident feature ensures the authenticity of the metals.
  • Post Offices, Universities, Schools, and Government Departments: These institutions rely on Safe Custody TE Bags to securely store and transport valuable items, confidential documents, or sensitive materials, maintaining a robust chain of custody.


Benefits of Safe Custody TE Bags – Tamper Evident

  • Enhanced Security: Safe Custody TE Bags provide a high level of security, deterring opportunistic theft and tampering. The tamper-evident features promptly indicate any unauthorised access, ensuring the integrity of the contents.
  • Customisability: Clients can request specific sequential numbers, barcodes, or even branding with their logo and information, making the bags more personalised and tailored to their requirements.
  • Versatility: Safe Custody TE Bags are available in standard stock sizes, and custom sizes can be manufactured to suit the client’s specifications. This flexibility allows the bags to accommodate a wide range of items.
  • Easy Handling: The scissor cut line on the bag makes it easy for authorised personnel to open the bag without compromising its security features.



Safe Custody Tamper Evident (TE) Bags – stand as a trusted solution for businesses and organisations seeking a secure and tamper-proof method to store and transport valuable items and sensitive materials. With their precision-applied three-entity closure system and robust construction, these bags offer enhanced security, ensuring that any tampering attempt is promptly detected. From Cash in Transit companies to government departments, Safe Custody TE Bags have become an essential component in safeguarding valuable assets and maintaining a reliable chain of custody throughout various industries.