Pull Tight Security Seals

Pull tight security seals

When you need a security seal that can be applied where bolt seals and barrier seals are not applicable, then Pull Tight Security Seals will fulfill your needs. They can be applied endlessly with their full adjustability. We have a large range of Pull Tight Security Seals to suit your needs and budget.

What makes Pull Tight Security Seals different from cable ties? They have much higher durability, security and additional features that your traditional cable ties do not. The THL Seal has a tear away that shows evidence of tampering. Manufactured with the latest technology of rolled heat staking which secures the body of the security to the metal spring insert. It also has a label holder and gripping spikes with the additional option of a tear off tag. These seals can be laser marked with a barcode and a unique serial number for extra security.

For lower budget options there are the Ultra and Ultra Lite Security Seals. The Ultra Lite Security Seal has a 2.5mm wide strap for smaller sealing uses.

For larger security sealing solutions we have the Long Ribbon Security Seals which are mostly used for interlinking trucks, bulk feed tankers and fuel tankers. They have an extremely high level of durability and are 400m in length with less than a 4mm width.

These seals are all made from polypropylene and are high security certified.

Applications of Pull Tight Security Seals

Pull Tight Security Seals are well-rounded and have multiple applications, making them extremely versatile. From aircrafts and vehicles to electricity boxes and warehouses, you will find these security seals in almost any setting. With fast and easy application and the low cost, these seals are the perfect security solution. They act as a deterrent from theft and tampering, which aid you in preventing the suffering of financial loss in your business.

Being laser marked with a barcode and serial number means that you will have additional security measures in place. If you carry out the correct security protocol such as scanning the barcodes at all the various checkpoints during transportation, you will be able to determine when and where the theft took place and have the ability to recover your stolen goods. These measures also act as a major deterrent to potential criminals and in most cases prevent theft.

Our Pull Tight Security Seals can also be customised to suit your company’s brand identity, making it a more personal and professional security solution.

For the best possible solution in deterring potential criminals from theft, our seals are the perfect solution, giving you the ultimate peace of mind that your goods will safely and securely reach their intended destination intact. We maintain the highest security standards and all our products are certified to the international standard. Choose our seals for the best security solutions in the industry.

Contact one of our professional consultants to get the correct Pull Tight Security Seal to suit the needs of you and your business and provide you with the best possible security for your goods.