Void Lables

Overview:  TruSeal Security Labels provide evidence of product authenticity as well as contamination, tampering and it also discourages theft. Each label is unique and marked with barcodes and sequential numbers for tracking purposes.

Tamper-evident security labels are vital in the medicinal and food industries to ensure that the product is safe, sterilised and remains uncontaminated. Security seals are also used in the tech industry to discourage theft and also to seal products like cell phones, thereby guaranteeing that only their own trained technicians have examined and/or repair their wares. Void labels act as a deterrent, as evidence of tampering is easily exposed. Made from excellent quality polyester face material, with a high bond, powerful adhesive, the message “Void Open” will automatically appear once compromised.

Applications: product authentication, counterfeit protection, warranty guarantee

TruSeal Security Labels: Void Labels


  • Polyester face material, high-tack adhesive
  • Covert message VOID OPEN, cannot be prevented from showing when a seal has been opened
  • Not transferred to the applied surface
  • 25x75mm Red, serially numbered
  • Made in South Africa
  • 1000 labels per Roll