Meter Seals

Overview:  TruSeal Twist Tight Security Seals act a as a powerful psychological deterrent which are designed to discourage opportunistic stealing or vandalism and are designed to quickly reveal evidence of tampering. TruSeal EM Security Seals are hardy, making attempts to remove them difficult. They are single-use seals. These security seals are manufactured from polycarbonate and PVC-isolated steel wire construction and have an ultrasonically welded cap. The EM Security Seal is serially numbered, making covert replacement impossible if proper checks have been put in place.

Applications: electricity utility meters, gaming tables, laboratories and may prevent electrocution and attempts to damage the wiring that can lead to potential fires
Twist Tight Security Seals

Polycarbonate, ultrasonically welded cap for added security
Serial numbered
30cm plastic coated wire
Sold as 1000 units per box
come in a range of colours
single-use seals