Plastic Seals

Overview: Indicative seals are tamper-evident and act as a psychological deterrent to theft, meaning they cannot physically prevent a breach but clearly indicate when a product has been tampered with. Indicative seals are light weight and require a low to strong break force depending on the seal. These single use security seals do not need any specialised tools to apply or remove.

Applications: Boxes, airlines, fire doors, cargo, trucking, refineries, warehouses, logistics, bags, fire extinguishers, first aid boxes, emergency equipment, utility meters, warehouses

TruSeal TM Security Seals:

Lightweight, plastic pulltight seal
serial numbered and available in a range of colours for cataloging and tracking
Strap length is 197mm with a thickness of 2.75mm
Requires a strong hand or cutting tool as it has a medium break force of 15kg
Manufactured with biodegradable polypropylene

TruSeal Pitbull Security Seals

Fixed Length Seal with a working strap length of 200mm and a width of 5.5mm
Laser inscribed serial numbers
Comes in a range of colours
Requires a medium break force of about 20kg, using a strong hand or by cutting
Can withstand boiling and freezing conditions
Created with biodegradable polypropylene and an acetyl Insert
This product can be made to order

 TruSeal Padlock Security Seals

Wire Fixed Length Seal
Serial numbered for tracking purposes
Scored Wire has a thickness of 1.2mm
Medium break force, breached by a strong hand against the scored wire or cutting
Body is manufactured from polypropylene and the wire hasp from galvanized steel

TruSeal TH Security Seals

Smooth ribbon, pulltight seal
serial numbered for accurate tracking
Strap Work length 190mm, width 7mm x thickness 2.75mm
Strong break force, requires a cutting tool to break, averaging around 55kg
Manufactured from biodegradable polypropylene and has steel insert reinforcement with heat staking technology provides clear evidence of tampering if forced open

TruSeal LR Security Seals

Pulltight Seal with gripping spikes to prevent slippage
Serial numbered for added security
Strap length 390mm and a thickness of 3.8mm
Has a strong break force of approximately 40kg and is remove with a cutting tool
Steel Insertencased in biodegradable polypropylene,

TruSeal THL Security Seals

Plastic pulltight seal with griping spikes,
Customised serial numbers and available in a range of colours
Laser branded barcode area
Strap Work length 300mm, width 5.9mm x thickness 2.6mm
Removed by cutting as it has a strong break force averaging 40kg
Made from biodegradable polypropylene, heat staking technology secures the steel insert insert to the body
Has a label holder with an optional tear-off tag

Fire Extinguisher Seal:

Pulltight Seal
Serial Numbered
Strap Work length 150mm, thickness 2mm
Snapped off by hand for easy access with a light break force averaging 11kg
Constructed from biodegradable polypropylene