Metal Seals

Overview: Metal Indicative seals are designed to indicate signs of any tampering. Metal indicative seals provide a relatively strong measure of security but are not tamper-proof as they can be removed with cutters. These seals act as a powerful deterrent.

Applications: cash-in-transit, sea & air freight containers, transport industry, cash boxes, trailers, tanker, casino gaming tables, laboratories and pre-paid electricity meters, postbags, lockers
TruSeal Metal Strap Seals:

These are fixed-length seal
Manufactured with tin-plate steel construction
Inscribed with unique serial numbered markings
A working strap length of 180mm and a width 8mm
Provides a quick and easy indication of tampering
Has a unique double locking action which shows whether the seal has been properly locked
contains inspection holes for security personnel and the customer to view the tips of the “T” mechanism which is built into the lockbox
Sold as units per box: 1000

ACME Encapsulated T Metal Strap Seal (Dominator Seal):

these seals are constructed of a metal lockbox which is encapsulated in polypropylene cover
Has a flat, plastic print area for barcoding
Requires a strong break force averaging around 50kg
Must be removed by cutting
capable of bespoke laser marking for company logos or the customer’s name
Manufactured in a range of colours
laser marked with sequential numbering which cannot be changed
High-security seal compliant to ISO 17712 and ISO 9001:2008
Sold as units per box: 1000

TruSeal Guard Lock® Metal Strap Seal:

Laser inscribed serial numbers
Has a fixed length strap
Working Strap length of 180mm and a width of 8mm
Requires a strong breaking force which averages approximately 50kg
Must be removed by cutting
constructed of metal
has a hook-lock mechanism which provides easy application.
Is tough, economical, secure, and simple to use
Sold as units per box: 1000