Clip Seals, Lead Seals, Wire, Pliers

Overview:  TruSeal offers a  wire security seal kit for industrial applications. The kit is made up of  three items: lead seals, sealing pliers, and sealing wire.  Lead Seals are extremely easy to apply, affordable, flexible and ideal to use when space is restricted. Any tampering is easily evident. These seals are customisable and easy to personalise. The cast carbon steel, chrome-plated pliers can be embossed with non-standard engraved dies to embed characters or digits for added security upon crimping.

TruClip™ seals are made of tin plate are an alternative to lead seals and/or plastic and are suitable for use in hot environments. No tools are needed for application . They can also be embossed with a longer sequence of traceable numbers or characters.

Applications: trucks, logistics, refineries, cargo, utilities, water meters, electricity meters, rail freight, refineries, and gas meters

Clip Seals


  • Clip Seals can be serial numbered or use specific characters
  • Embossing can be customised depending on the customers choices
  • Used with sealing wire or string
  • Manufactured from tin plated steel
  • Sold in units of 1000 seals
  • Applied by hand

Lead Seals 10mm


  • Manufactured from99% Lead
  • Size 10mm
  • Sold per kg with approximately 300 lead seals per kg
  • Applied with sealing pliers, and sealing wire
  • Tamper evident
  • Easy application and removal

YP10 Seals 10mm


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Size 10mm
  • Sold per 1000 seals
  • Used with Sealing Wire & Sealing Plier crimping

Sealing Pliers


  • Maximum Die size 10mm
  • Maximum seal size 11mm
  • Handle Length 170mm
  • Weight 375g
  • Manufactured with cast carbon steel and chrome-plated
  • can be engraved with non-standard dies to deliver your choice of characters or numbers
  • Used to apply lead and YP10 Seals

Sealing Wire


  • Spirally lashed wire, ID 0.6mm, OD 0.3mm
  • Used with clip seals
  • For: Trucks, Logistics, Refineries, Cargo
  • Manufactured from galvanised Steel
  • Can be precut for your convenience
  • Removed using cutters
  • Easy to apply
  • Units: per roll of 500m