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Overview: Seals Online is an online platform that sells high quality security bags. We aim to make the process of purchasing our stock simple and easy. The South African manufactured and patented TruPack™ product is produced in our factory in South Africa. TruPack™ Security Bags are durable and are made of Polyvinyl Chloride coated Nylon, (PVC). PVC is a hardy material that does not corrode or disintegrate. This plastic is resistant to chemicals, oil, heat, sunlight, and weathering. PVC material is, in most cases, 100% recyclable.

These Security Bags are fitted with a purpose specific locking chamber that can be combined with either barcoded or serial numbered security seals. Combined with other security measures, for example, excellent record-keeping, staff accountability and track and trace, the bags are ideal for use where transportation of cash, coins and valuables are necessary. The bags patented padlocking system, can be used with our range of padlock seals or with pulltight security seals.

Seals Online sources its stock from the largest manufacturer of Security Bags in South Africa. We have the ability to deliver quickly (usually overnight) anywhere in the country and abroad and meet international security standards.

We will also gladly advise you which bag you may need for your particular application and  also can also provide customised products, should you require your company logo to be branding on the bag.

Applications: These include casinos, banks, document protection, cash-in-transit, restaurants and safe storage

TruPack™ Security Bags Product Range:

 Seals Online range of Security Bags includes heavy duty bulk cash in transit bags and Tamper Evident security bags.

Made specifically for the transportation of large volumes of notes and coins, our TruSeal CIT Bulk Cash Bags are extremely resilient and friendly to the environment, and are sealed with a patented pin and washer locking system. They are re-usable and can be recycled, making it both cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Plastic Tamper-evident bags are single use bags because the tamper seal, once broken, cannot be reverted to its original state. These TE bags are used together with other security protocols to deter tampering and theft