Premium Security Seals

Premium Security seals

The SealsOnline™ website has been created to facilitate easy and secure way to quickly purchase and receive premium security seals and bags. We have been working within the South African and African security business industry for over 20+ years and are trusted by banks, Cash-in-transit & Security companies, retailers, and logistics companies that all use these brands and tamper-evident, patented products daily. SealsOnline™ provides a comprehensive range of security seal solutions. These are distributed into 5 different categories ensuring that there is a product to suit your chosen application.

1) Plastic Indicative Seals: Plastic indicative seals are tamper-evident they can clearly indicate when a product has been tampered with. While they cannot physically prevent a breach as they require a low to strong break force and are light in weight and act as a powerful psychological deterrent to theft. There are no specialized tools required to apply or remove these single-use security seals. They are frequently used on boxes, airlines, fire doors, cargo, trucking, refineries, warehouses, logistics, bags, fire extinguishers, first aid boxes, emergency equipment, utility meters, and warehouses.

2) Metal Indicative Seals: Metal indicator seals are made to show evidence of tampering. Metal indicative seals offer a moderate level of security, but because they can be removed with cutters, they are not tamper-proof. These seals have a significant deterrent effect. Use these seals on Cash-in-transit containers, sea and air freight containers, the transportation industry, cash boxes, trailers, tankers, casino gaming tables, laboratories, and pre-paid electricity meters.

3) Metal Barrier Seals: These premium security seals are made of a variety of different metals and are especially formidable, requiring specialized tools to breach. These “tamper-proof” security seals are considered “High Security,” as they have require an ISO 17712 rating from the International Organization of Standardization and are used to safeguard air freight containers, high-value cargo or sea freight containers, trucks, logistics, shipping, cargo, cash-in-transit, and cash boxes.

4) Clip seals, lead seals, wire, pliers: A wire security seal kit for industrial applications is available from SealsOnline™. Lead Seals are great for small spaces because they are affordable, flexible, and easy to apply. Any manipulation is easily discernible. These seals are easy to customise and can be used on gas meters in refineries, utility meters, water meters, and rail freight meters.

5) Utility Meter Seals: Acting as a powerful psychological deterrent, Twist Tight Security Seals are designed to quickly reveal evidence of tampering and discourage opportunistic theft or vandalism. They can only be used once and are applied to electricity utility meters and gaming tables.

SealsOnline™’s premium security seals are trusted by top brands to provide the security they need. Although we are an online store we offer great after sales service. We ship from door to door, and we provide free shipping to companies willing to wait 5-10 days for their product. We also offer a returns policy, although T&C apply.