Plastic Padlock Security Seals

Padlock Seal

Are traditional padlocks not offering you the security you need? We stock Plastic Padlock Seals that offer high security advantages over your traditional padlocks.

Traditional Padlocks

If we look at traditional padlocks over Plastic Padlock Security Seals, we can understand why they have been used to secure goods for many years. Your traditional padlocks offer a first line of defence in securing your goods and are seen as somewhat dependable in that regard. However, there are many problems with the traditional padlocks that you can face. The level of security depends on the manufacturing standards and materials used. The higher quality padlocks are relatively durable, but they’re still not foolproof and do not do much to minimise the risk of theft.

Traditional Padlocks and Tampering

The main problem of traditional padlocks is that anyone can easily tamper with them. It is simple to pick a traditional padlock or to even break it and replace it without anyone knowing. The reality is that they offer very little security and only act as a mild deterrent. At any point during the transportation of your goods, someone could easily pick the lock, steal the goods and lock it again, without there being any way to detect it. Even if you have your container’s barcode scanned at all the various checkpoints, there is no way to determine when or where the theft took place.
Without being able to determine the time or place, you can’t gather the necessary evidence to get suspects for investigation.
It is because of this that traditional padlocks are not an effective solution in securing your goods and keeping your business from suffering large financial loss.

The Solution

With our high security standards and use of the latest technology in manufacturing, our Plastic Padlock Security Seals can offer you and your business the security solution it needs. Our Plastic Padlock Security Seals are extremely durable and are laser marked with a serial number to make it impossible to replace. If you follow the correct security protocol and have the Plastic Padlock Security Seals scanned at every checkpoint, it will allow you to determine when and where the theft happened should it occur. This makes tampering impossible to do. If all the necessary security checks are made during transportation of your goods, then you will be able to accurately estimate the time and place the theft took place. With this you can gather all the evidence you need to get suspects and make a case of theft with the likelihood of recovering your stolen goods.
Once all these security measures have been put into place you can gain peace of mind that your assets are under the best protection. We aim to bring you the best possible security solutions for your business.

Choosing the correct Plastic Padlock Security Seal is important for the safety of you and your business in securing your assets. Contact one of our professional consultants to help you find the perfect security solution.