Meter Security Seals

Meter Security Seals

In South Africa one of the biggest household security risks is meter tampering. This is a very costly affair, running into the millions. In Nelson Mandela Bay, the municipality reported that at least one in seven homes face meter tampering. The larger the city, the larger the problems are, making it extremely expensive. This is why you need Meter Security Seals. They offer the best possible security solution to your issues.

This affects everyone, as meter tampering is a major problem. In a large city like Johannesburg, the municipality excuses those who have experienced meter tampering and will not penalise them if they have reported it before 30 June.

The Dangers

Complexes, warehouses and houses need to be particularly aware of the risks of meter tampering. The best possible way to protect yourself from these risks is with Meter Security Seals. Apart from suffering financial loss, there is also the risk of electrocution which can lead to death or near fatal injury, as well as the risk of fire caused by damaged wiring. Fire can result in the tampered meter not working as it should and the safety functions removed when there is a surge. This is caused by the meter not detecting this fault and the power does not trip as a result.


Using Meter Security Seals, as well as doing regular checks, you can avoid having your meter tampered with, or discover the tampered meter and deal with it accordingly. Complexes, flats and townhouses run the risk of large financial loss from undetected meter tampering. Apart from the huge financial loss, there is the risk of a fire from damaged wiring. Protecting your meters with Meter Security Seals is a security investment worth making.

With our large range of Meter Security Seals you can protect yourself against these possible risks and gain peace of mind. Repairing the damaged meter caused by meter tampering can also be costly. So it is best to protect yourself from all the risks involved.

Meter Security Seals

Our Meter Security Seals are extremely durable and can stand up against almost any punishment. Not only will it make it harder for criminals to tamper with your meter, but it will also deter any potential criminals from attempting to tamper with your meter.

The EM Security Seal is manufactured from polycarbonate and PVC isolated steel wire with an ultrasonically welded cap for maximum durability. It is constructed specifically for electrical meters, gaming tables and laboratories. With a serial number branded into it, the EM Security Seal makes it infeasible to replace after tampering.

In order to prevent having your meter tampered with, it is important that you take the necessary steps in prevention to nullify the risks following meter tampering.

Choosing the correct Meter Security Seal is important for your safety. Contact one of our professional consultants to help you find the perfect security solution for you.