High Security Cable Seals

High Security Cable Seals

The high security certification is a standard in our industry in which the product must meet certain criteria in order to be seen as a high quality product. The product must also be independently tested in order to meet the international standard. After undergoing rigorous tests that meet the stringent requirements the product will receive the ISO17712 and ISO 9001 : 2008 certifications. We have a large range of High Security Cable Seals that all meet the certification standards.

029 Cable Security Seal

The 029 Cable Security Seal has a small form factor and is fast and easy to apply. It is laser marked with 6 and 7 digit barcodes 128. Even though this High Security Cable Seal is small in size it is very durable and offers a great level of security. It is manufactured from a zinc extrusion with an NPC stainless steel cable and an ABS plastic casing, making it a great choice for High Security Cable Seals that are needed for smaller containers.

 031 Cable Security Seal

Manufactured from polycarbonate with an ultrasonically welded cap, the 031 Cable Security Seal is made for use on securing gaming tables and electricity meters. It can also be barcoded, making it a great choice High Security Cable Seal to prevent tampering. With the correct security protocols in place, it is the perfect deterrent against theft and tampering in casinos and against electricity tampering.

 045 Cable Security Seals

When you need a High Security Cable Seal with a larger form factor and the 029 Cable Security Seal is not applicable, then the 045 Cable Security Seal is the correct one for you. It is also manufactured from a zinc extrusion with an NPC stainless steel cable and an ABS plastic casing, the 045 Cable Security Seal has a wider print area that can take bigger barcodes up to an interleaved 2 of 5 14 digit barcode. This seal has a large variety of uses.

Our High Security Cable Seals all have fast and easy applications and are extremely durable. They are manufactured to last in the harshest weather conditions and are tamper proof, making them the perfect choice when it comes to securing your goods. With our high security certifications, you can have peace of mind that you are getting the very best High Security Cable Seals with the highest possible industry standards. We have over 6,000 clients and most of South Africa’s largest brands such as Spar, FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank and Fidelity that can attest to our quality products.

Each and every business has their own specific needs. We understand that what may work for one business will not work for another. We have a large range of products to choose from to best suit you and your business’ needs. We have many training videos on our large selection of products that you may view to know and understand which product might best suit your needs.

Contact one of our professional consultants to get the correct High Security Cable Seal that suits the needs of you and your business and provide you with the best possible security solution.