Environmentally friendly security bags

Environmentally friendly security bags

The devastating effects that plastic has on the environment is obvious – the Great Pacific Garbage Patch alone, an island of plastic, covers an area of 1,6 million km² between California and Hawaii. Recycling has become common place over the last 30 years in an attempt to mitigate the damage and research is now focused on developing pure biodegradable plastic products and methods to decompose existing pollutants. Seals Online recognises the importance of using renewable and recyclable plastics, and so we have created a line of environmentally friendly security bags and seals.

Seal’s Online Safe Custody bags are used for a number of different applications and vary in size accordingly. Our key bags, cash bags, CIT sacks, gusset bags and document bags are all manufactured with reinforced PVC and are double stitched. PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride-coated Nylon is an extremely hardy material and can withstand exposure to most chemicals and abusive environmental conditions. It has a high tensile strength (2.6 N/mm²) meaning it takes a lot of force to stretch it out and break it and consequently a shelf life of approximately 40 years. PVC is a thermosetting plastic, meaning it can be remodeled without causing chemical change, making it ideal for recycling. Vinyl is derived from salt, a cheap and abundant resource, and ethylene, a substance derived from natural gas. Low greenhouse gas emissions and conservation of resources and energy contributes to PVC/vinyl being relatively eco-friendly. The magnitude of CO² emission is a crucial factor when considering the effect it has on global warming. Compared to other plastics, PVC produces less CO² emissions during the manufacturing and recycling process. PVC is also fire retardant.

Seals Online environmentally friendly security bags are reusable, and can be employed for years before being recycled, making it a cost-effective security solution for any company wanting to store or transport valuables. Our Security Bags have either a padlock chamber or a pocket that accommodates a small single use barcoded or numbered plastic seal, ensuring that the material that single-use items are kept to a minimum.

Seals Online also stocks a range of biodegradable seals that begin to decompose as soon as it encounters an environment where certain microbes are present, such as garbage dumps, landfills, and compost heaps.

Purchasing trends suggest that most consumers are now prioritising eco-friendly products and companies. Sustainable business practices not only help the planet but can also impact a brand’s image. There are also tax incentives for companies choosing to implement energy saving practices. Your company can rest assured knowing that when buying our environmentally friendly security bags and seals to secure your goods, that it has contributed to protecting the environment.