Container Security Seals

Container Security Seals

Do you find your business moving supplies over long distances? Then you most likely use shipping containers frequently and are aware of the security process that you need to follow in order to keep your products safe. When goods are being moved to different locations, you want peace of mind. Prevention of theft becomes extremely important in maintaining your reputation as well as not suffering financial loss. The best possible choice for your business is getting the right container security seals. Choosing this in the beginning stages will give you the best possible outcome for the safety of your business.

At Seals Online there are a large range of seals to meet any of your requirements. With the high security standards our seals are manufactured to meet (ISO17712; ISO 9001:2008 certified) you can be guaranteed of the high quality. We make sure that our seals not only reach the necessary requirements for international shipping, but that they excel them in every way. With over 6,000 clients and most of South Africa’s largest brands, we keep up a level of excellence through all our products.

Bolt security seals are the most universally used container security seals, as they lock simply by pushing together both sides of the seal. Once locked, the only way to remove the seal is by using general purpose bolt cutters. The seals are laser marked with the ability to be branded. They are etched with serial numbers which makes it easier to identify if the seal has been tampered with during transit. The TruSeal 203 Bolt Seals are the top choice for container security seals and are made from a strong hardened steel pin and locking bush covered in a durable plastic casing.

We also have a large range of cable container security seals, should bolt container security seals not suit your needs. There are the 029 and 045 Cable Seals which can be barcoded and also laser marked. They are very tough and also need to be removed with general purpose bolt cutters. The 029 Cable Seal is a zinc extrusion with an NPC stainless steel cable and an ABS plastic case. The stainless steel cable can have 6 and 7 digit barcodes branded into it. While the 045 Cable Seal is made from the same materials, it has a larger form factor and can be branded with an interleaved 2 of 5 14 digit barcode. These seals are a certified high security standard.

Being trusted by over 6,000 clients and most of South Africa’s largest brands, SealsOnline (a TruSeal brand) stays at the technological forefront, surpassing the international standards.

For assistance in getting the right container security seal for you and your business, contact one of our many professional consultants.