Cash and Valuables Bags

Cash and valuables bags used by CIT companies

Cash-in-transit security service providers serve a vital function in South Africa’s economy: safe transportation of cash to and from banking institutions, retail stores and ATMs. What most people are unaware of however, is that this cash management industry also handles other financial duties, for example, deposit processing, comprehensive ATM services and branch bank orders. All this cash needs to be audited, stored and transported and for this, industry giants like Fidelity Security Group use Cash and Valuables Bags.

Our Cash and Valuables Bags are patented and manufactured here in South Africa using strong and durable materials. This is necessary not only to discourage opportunistic theft but to also endure rough handling. PVC nylon is used on most of our Cash and Valuables Bags range. PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride-coated Nylon is a pliable and tough material and can endure harsh environmental conditions, making it ideal to withstand the variable stress of heavy coins.  Companies prefer to use our bags because they understand that our exceptional quality will ensure that the they are reusable for years to come.

Cash and Valuables Bags are sized according to their application. Key bags come in 3 different sizes: 17x13cm, 23x13cm, 30x16cm. Cash bags sizes vary too: 28x19cm, 26x28cm, 28x35cm, 38x40cm. Document Bags are made to contain 28x38cm (A4), 40x30cm (A4), 46x36cm (A3) pages while our Gusset/Till Tray Bag range can be purchased in 3 sizes:  40x30x7.5cm, 46x36x7.5cm and 46x36x10cm. These bags have a patented locking chamber and can be sealed using our numbered seals, barcoded seals, or padlock seals. We also provide branding and printing options for added security and marketing purposes.

The CIT industry rely on our heavy-duty Bulk Cash Security Bags to transport large qualities of money. Thick PVC, double stitching and a patented steel pin and washer which is then secured with the appropriate seal, ensures that the contents won’t spill out of tears during transit. These bags are available in 3 sizes: 40x17x50cm; 50x22x50cm; 50x22x80.

TE bags are tamper-evident, meaning any attempts to gain access to the contents will become immediately apparent. TE bags are either transparent or opaque and manufactured with 2 or 3 layers of top-quality virgin polyethylene. The bags can be customised to your requirements, branding and printing options are available as well as a choice of size. These reliable Cash and Valuables Bags come with barcodes or sequential numbers according to your preference.

Seals Online offers a range of security seal solutions, whether you are in need tamper evident/indicative seals or tamper-resistant/barrier seals, or security bags we have what your need. Contact us for more information.