Bag Security Seals

Bag security seals

If you are often depositing money in banks or handling large amounts of cash, then you need superior craftsmanship in security seals. Security bags are used in handling these transactions and Bag Security Seals are important in maintaining the safety of these transactions. Our strict high security standards and high quality materials used in manufacturing our Bag Security Seals and Security Pouches are uncompromising. Your security needs are of the utmost importance to us and we strive to bring you a product that meets a certified high security standard and exceeds it.

We have a large range of high quality Bag Security Seals and Security Pouches. We have thousands of clients and most of South Africa’s largest brands and are trusted by South Africa’s biggest banks and cash-in-transit companies. Our clients such as FNB, Standard Bank and Fidelity trust us in aiding them in delivering cash and important documentation safely.

When choosing the correct Bag Security Seals for your business, you may consider either using a Tamper Evident Seal or one of our durable security bags. No matter what valuables you are transporting, you can have peace of mind that they are safe.

Our Tamper Evident Security Seals use barcodes and serial numbers that show when there has been foul play. Scanning at every possible checkpoint ensures that responsibility for the safe transport of your valuables is maintained. For the best possible solution, look at the TruPack™ series. Bringing you the highest quality Bag Security Seals.

004 and 008

Made from the toughest PVC nylon the 004 and 008 allow you to reuse them repeatedly. Whether you’re transporting important documentation, safe keys, cash or any other valuables, you can rely on us to get them there safely. Embedded with a barcode, the 008 allows you to track and catalogue your valuables en-route until it reaches its destination.

Padlock Security Bags

Our Padlock Security Bags are also made from the toughest PVC nylon and are resistant to impact. They have our security padlock chamber and can be used with various different padlocks or Pull-Tight Bag Security Seals. This ensures the safest possible transportation of your goods.

CIT Bulk Cash Security Bags

CIT Bulk Cash Security Bags are made from heavy duty PVC nylon and can stand up to the most severe punishment. They are locked with a durable steel pin fixed with a washer and are used to transport or store huge amounts of cash.

Tamper Evident Security Bags

For audited storage or where transporting items is critical, then Tamper Evident Security Bags are the best possible choice. They are mostly used by the security, forensics, mining, banking and financial industries.
We also manufacture Plastic Drop Safe Security Bags.

Choosing the correct Bag Security Seals is important to your business. Should none of our products suit your business needs, we can also create a custom product for you. Contact one of our professional consultants to help you find the perfect security solution for you and your business.