Anti-Tamper Security Seals

Anti-tamper seals for shipping containers

Do you want to keep your goods in and the thieves out? We have a reputation for supplying seals of the highest quality to thousands of clients, including most of South Africa’s largest brands. Our seals are high security certified. To indicate that a product is up to the international standard, it must go through rigorous tests in order to get the ‘high security’ certification. Obtaining this certification is even more important when considering Anti-Tamper Security Seals.

Anti-Tamper Security Seals act to deter potential thieves from attempting to remove the seal. In our large range of Anti-Tamper Security Seals, many of them have serial numbers and barcodes. They should be scanned at each checkpoint along the way, with the necessary times they were scanned, in order to stay on top of the location of your goods. This process will make sure there is a responsibility to keep everything in order as your goods move from one place to another.

Any interfering with the Anti-Tamper Security Seals will show and keep those responsible for the transportation of the goods in line. The main use for these types of seals are to safeguard sea and air freight containers, cash-in-transit bags, cash boxes, casino gaming tables and pre-paid metres. Even though the seal can be forcibly removed, they are very effective in showing evidence in mishandling and act to deter any potential thief from tampering with the seal.
It is important for the seals to have a high durability. High quality materials are used to manufacture our Anti-Tamper Security Seals. Only special tools can be used to remove the seals once they have been locked. The Bulltip Seal can stand up to the harshest weather conditions and has an acetyl insert. The seal also shows if it has been fastened properly and is locked. Durability offers the last line of defence against attempted theft.

Being the leading producer of the highest quality grade security seals, we pride ourselves on the class of our seals. We have a large range of Anti-Tamper Security Seals to suit your every need. Trust us to take care of your transportation security. For more information, contact one of our professional consultants to help you in finding the best solution for you.